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Cotton Clutch Purses

Cotton clutch purses/tobacco pouches, recycled fashion, vegan purses, eco-friendly fashion, festival accessories, power bank cases.


Clutch purses/tobacco pouches, power bank cases, etc. all made from the extra cuts and discarded fabric, that's still completely usable. We started making them last year and have been constant in utilising every bit of fabric to create as less pollution or waste as we can. Loads or colours to choose from.
These make a perfect small gift for xmas ornany occasion for that matter, that's reasonably priced.
Support conscious eco fashion, support small businesses doing their part in active change.
All of these are made from cotton.
Colour options are based on the primary colour or base colour used. Since, these are all made out of the extra pieces, NO TWO POUCHES WILL LOOK THE SAME AND WILL 90% ACCURATE TO THE PICTURE.
Powerbank cases come with foam inside them.
feel free to write and ask us if you want a specific colour or style, if available, we'll make it.
I undertake wholesale orders for these and for other items as well.

Cotton Clutch Purses

  • Materials used cotton, polyester lining, poly lined cotton, brass zipper, ykk zips, brass d rings, foam

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