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Leather Flanks - 3 in 1 convertible utility holster


These are 3 in 1 convertible holsters-suspender to suspenders to list plain holsters.

These ragged looking holsters are all upcycled from discarded pieces of leather from my production of other items I create. All completely usable, that i hate to see go to waste.

They take way more time making them than others as it's double work stitching them together and then cutting them out.

These are holsters that are also suspenders. So, if you don't want to use them as holsters, you can just remove the pouches on the sides and Voila!, you have your suspenders.

The pouches are interchangeable, so you can mix and match your own style to what you want.

The design on every pouch will be different and no two will look alike.

They come in a clean padded finish and a patchwork padded finish.

Available in black patchwork, brown patchwork, AS WELL AS SOLID COLOURS.

The fasteners that hold on to the trousers are round clippers. If you don't want to clip them on,you don't need to and can just attach them onto the pouches.

Most pouches have 4 pockets(front, back,top and side) some, will have 3. So, that will make it 8 or 6 pockets in total.

The pouches are attached on by snap buttons and can be adjusted to 18 combinations of heights and placements.

The front straps are held together by buckles and the front-center as well, to keep the holster and straps in place -- if need be.

All zips are ykk zips. Best in business!!!!

Leather Flanks - 3 in 1 convertible utility holster