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As a company, we provide equal opportunity and above minimum wages to all skilled and unskilled staff. 
Apart from this we also provide comfortable living and nutritious food for our employees.
We focus on improving the standard of living of every employee.
We want to break the sweatshop mentality and monotonous factory practices. Every piece worked on clearly brings out the soul of the artist and the artisan. 
These are the key factors Butcher Apparel focuses on since our inception!
All our products are designed and made in Goa, India. 



Butcher Apparel focuses on quality products, products that are not only functional, practical but also durable .

We use the best-made Japanese YKK zips, cotton, bamboo and leather only. Natural fibers.

All the extra cuts of these fabrics are not thrown away or burnt as most textile factories and industries do.
We always find a use for the smallest of pieces.
We created an entire range of clothing just from this. We have maintained our waste percentage rate to lower than 8%

Butcher Apparel makes well thought out, designed clothing for the streets, parties, outdoors and casual wear. Styles perfect for all ages.

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