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Double Buckle Handmade Leather Belt

Double buckle Handmade leather belt for women, handcrafted leather belts, rocker belt, burning man fashion, biker belt.


Genuine nubuck leather belts for women. 2 functioning fastening buckles. Made of pure brass.
Hand-cut, hand-stitched, and crafted.
The belts are of 2 layers. One is the upper layer and the lower layer that acts as a lining. The upper is thicker nubuck leather and the bottom is the thinner.
The width of the belts is 1 inch. Since all belts are made from cut to finish, you can request your own size.

We follow the standard international waist size. (26", 28", 30"...etc..) that's where the buckle sits when fastened. We keep 6-10 inches extra on the belt after the buckle is fastened.
All sizes of length mentioned are in inches and where the buckle sits when fastened (waist size).

Double Buckle Handmade Leather Belt

  • Materials used leather, brass buckles, brass rivets

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