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Draped Kimono Shirts for Women

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Draped Kimono Shirts

They can be worn over almost any outfit.Made from cotton voile and bamboo modal, these Draped kimonos are all original prints by the designer and are all limited in each design. The Kimono has a buttoned, slits on the side help in movement even when buttoned up.

They're 3/4 length sleeves and have front with buttons to close.However, this is customizable if you need it.Screen and digital prints on the fabric. All items need to be washed in cold water only. The collar is about 2 inches and a flat Nehru collar(meaning it doesn't fold over).Fit on these depends on how you like you wear it as an overcoat. It can be worn loose or as the body fit. This I'll leave upto you to decide of you like it loose and baggy or fitting.There are no pockets in this Draped kimono shirt.

Draped Kimono Shirts for Women

  • Materials used Bamboo modal, Cotton voile, Cotton lining

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