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Nakiri Trousers for Men and Women

Nakiri - Limited edition symmetric cuts slim fit, Post-apocalyptic trousers Wastelander rocker trousers, Burning man fashion festival trousers


These limited edition symmetric cuts of coated earth tones. The coated earth tones are a limited run to be limited to 2-4 pieces in each size.
A mix of the Chopper look, just more symmetric on the cuts and the slicer trousers fit. Functional and practical.


All cuts of fabric are symmetric and squared, it gives a more symmetric flow and overall look. The box pocket in the thigh can hold a phone and power bank at the same, or a pack of cigarettes and phone if that's your choice.

Zips on the bottom back of the trousers allow you for a boot cut look when opened out. Tried and tested for riding.
We've added a gusset to the crotch line for extra room for more stretch.
They're perfect for colder climates, simply because the cotton is poly coated. It has a little bit of insulation to keep you just a little warm. With leggings under, it makes a better warm fit.
Slim trousers for men and women. (Men and women's sizes are separate).
From the New Collection for season.
Perfect for cold days and colder climates!

Nakiri Trousers for Men and Women

  • We only use renewable biodegradable clothing!

    Materials used: Poly-lined cotton, Cotton lining, Brass rivets, Cotton fabric, Brass YKK zips, Brass button, Brass eyelets

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