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Petty Slim Fit Shorts For Women

Petty - slim fit shorts for Men and Women, Festival shorts, Goa clothing, Psytrance shorts, summer shorts, festival fashion, Burning man clothing.


Petty- Slim fit shorts for women. Men's and Women's sizes differ.
Unlike any other shorts in the market, these slim fits are not only comfortable and durable but also made for activity. The sides of the shorts have 2 seams instead of one, this allows room for movement and adaptability.
The bottom of the outside knees has an extension zipper for more room during activities like riding, dancing, or hiking.
The piping on the shorts of contrasting color accents the important cuts on the fabric.
Made from 100% cotton these shorts capture the functionality and necessity for practical design.
2 main pockets, 2 zipped front thigh pockets, 2 plain back pockets. 1 secret pocket.
Opened fly zipper with an overlapping main waist button.

Petty Slim Fit Shorts For Women

  • We only use renewable biodegradable clothing!

    Materials used: Cotton fabric, YKK zips, Brass rivets, and Coated cotton.

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