FacFack- multi utility day Pack with detachable pouch
FacFack- This multi utility day pack took over 3 years to get right and perfect the design. 
Made completely by hand, a lot of attention to the smaller details for practicality and functionality. 
Each bag takes 3 days to make. 
A perfect bag for light travelling or day trips. It's perfect for gigs if you're an artist or use smaller gadgets or accessories, this bag makes it all easy to transport. 
While designing  this bag,  special thoughts and mindfulness were focused towards the artist and day tripper in mind. 
So let's start with the outside construction. 
The bag comes in printed cotton, coated  and with accented leather. 
The front of the bag has a detachable pouch (also sold separately by name Cobra pouch) that can be removed from the bag. This is held on by velcro and a press button. The pouch in itself has 5 pockets. Enough D rings to attach accessories and smaller items, Elastic to secure on stuff tight. 
The front flap had a brass buckle fastening. The flap has a pocket for documents etc. 
The flap opens out to a big space to keep belongings for fast access. This is stretchable and held secure with elastics on the side of the section. 
The straps are well cushioned and have enough padding to keep you comfortable while carrying it. It has a small pocket on it to store access cards, keys or hand sanitiser. 

The back of the bag has a protection padding designed and hand stitched geometric  pattern. This concealed compartment opens up to the main storage area. On opening up, it allows you to carry your laptop, padded and secured on both sides and held by velcro. 
On the insides, the elastic bands allow for files, clothing or other materials. 
2 hidden pockets on the inside the have elastic mouth openings. 
Outside of the bag near the straps are 2 more pockets. 
The bag is held steady from the insides and the bottom with a sturdy piece of reinforced plastic to keep the bag upright. 

This bag is meant for day use and to hold medium weight. If you take care of the bag It'll take care of your belongings. 
Coated cotton is not water proof. Buy a water resistant cover if you want to use this in rainy weather.

FacFack- multi utility day Pack with detachable pouch