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Graver Leather Jacket - Geometric Pattern

Graver - Men and Women's Custom fit engraved Leather jackets, Riding Jackets, Burning man Clothing, Biker Jackets, Leather Jackets


Graver has:
Engraved leather with original designs from lloydoftherings.
This jacket has been used and tested for motorcycle riding and tours.
Each jacket is specifically engraved on the sleeves, the back and the front.
The front design on each panel aligns with each other to make a single design.
Like the skinner jacket, the sleeves are customizable to any length by detachable sleeve cuffs. A thumbhole for more access while riding or in colder weather.
The sides of the jacket have zips to make the waist bigger by up to 2 inches each side.
The leather used is Sheep Leather with an inner lining.
All zips used are YKK zips.

It's best if you give custom size measurements for the jacket to suit you well and proper.
We don't charge extra for custom size fits on leather jackets.

Graver Leather Jacket - Geometric Pattern

  • Materials used Sheep Leather, YKK zips, Polyester Lining

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