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High Scriber Hot Shorts

High Scriber - high waist hot shorts, festival shorts, Burning woman, burning man fashion, summer shorts, wasteland weekend, music festival


High Scriber
Ladies high waist hot shorts.
High waist shorts in 100% cotton.
They're also available in 95%cotton and 5%poly coated. This gives it a look and feel of leather. They're available in patchwork finish as well, this gives it a rugged look.
The shorts are perfect for summers, festivals or just a night out partying or even biking, if you're one.
2 zipper coin pockets and 2 main pockets in the front. The back have pockets as well. They have 2 zip opening on the outside of the thighs for more room or when sitting. These are all well thought of ideas for practical and functional fashion.
Easy on the hips and fit well on the bottom.
Available in black, grey, khaki, navy blue, pixel camouflage, brown, dark green and a few prints, these shorts simply speak class and durability to every day events or use.
Custom fits are available at an extra charge.
High waist measurements are different from the normal waist measurements. High waist will be 1 to 2 inches smaller than the normal waist measurement.
So please look at the measurement chart listed in the pics of the item.

High Scriber Hot Shorts

  • We only use renewable biodegradable clothing!

    Materials used: Cotton, Poly-coated cotton, Brass zips, Brass main button

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