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Scrapyard Black Rona Men's Jacket

Rona- mens distressed jacket, Post pan jacket, wasteland jacket, burning man, gothic jacket, Post-apocalyptic jacket, men's goth jacket


Rona - if 2020 was a jacket, this how the Butcher pictured it. The name should say it all.
Dreamt this design last week, woke up, and made it tangible. I make the best of every situation and moment and seize every opportunity to make something out of nothing.
This jacket should simply state exactly that, asymmetric in look, cut, and almost as if dysfunctional, it still remains practical and functional, just dysfunctional to the eye.
The Uneven ends and sizes with perfect rough stitches and mixes bring out the hopelessness of the 2nd quarter of the year and the Rough cut displaced pockets show how plans fail, the Mixed front opening and a detachable lower back display how you play cards dealt to you. All put together, worked on, aligned, and designed to create a masterpiece in distress times and voila- a distressed jacket!
To explain the jacket now,
2 uneven length cuffs, one with buttons and one with a zipped extension. One side of the front is longer than the other.
The pockets are small on one side and normal horizontal positioning on the lower torso, the upper 2 are uneven cuts pockets.
The main opening is the upper button down and the lower bit a zipped closing. Collar opens out.
The back of the jacket detaches by the zip to give a bomber look. Trust me, it makes a big difference when worn.
Only ykk zippers use.

I'm going to put these out only in darker solid colors and patchwork.
Available for men and women.

Scrapyard Black Rona Men's Jacket

  • Materials used Organic Cotton, Polyester Lining, Brass Eyelets, Brass Zips, Brass D-rings, Polyester name tags, Brass rivets

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