Strip Jack- natural distressed fitted cap
Strip- distressed eco friendly caps from the Dystopian Collection. 

The Eco Friendly caps are made entirely out of discarded fabrics and completely usable smaller pieces of fabric put together. 
As we maintain to keep our wastage below 8% every year. These caps make it happen by using the smaller pieces of fabrics. Even the smaller pieces of zips are used to accent design. 

The cap has a vintage and box fit and cut compared to the regular trucker or fitted caps. The back is a closed back with a concealed elastic.
The caps come in 3 basic sizes and will accommodate dreads on bigger sizes. Please refer size chart listed in pics to give out your cap size. 

All caps are made from cotton fabric and coated cotton fabrics.
Available in patchwork and plain printed. 
It's comfortable and durable while adding style to a slightly dystopian world.

Strip Jack- natural distressed fitted cap